How to teach them

Here are my 20 videos teaching 20 words in the Academic Word List. Please take a look at each video to learn these 20 words: levy   2. likewise 3. nonetheless 4. notwithstanding 5. odd 6. ongoing 7. panel 8. persistent 9. pose 10. reluctant 11. so-called 12. straightforward 13. undergo 14. whereby 15. quotation … More How to teach them

How should vocab be effectively taught to EFL learners?

These are the methods we often use in teaching vocabulary Pre-teaching Vocabulary Words One of the most effective methods of helping children learn new vocabulary words is to teach unfamiliar words used in a text prior to the reading experience. Adults (either alone or with the child(ren)) should preview reading materials to determine which words … More How should vocab be effectively taught to EFL learners?

What is involved in knowing a word?

The process of vocabulary acquisition is complex. Knowing a word goes beyond knowing only its more frequent meaning. Nation (1990) and Richards (1976) claim that for knowing a word, it is necessary to know its orthographical and phonological form, meaning, grammatical aspect, associations, collocations, frequency and register (in Schmidt & McCarthy, 1997, p.4). Folse (2007) … More What is involved in knowing a word?

Teaching Grammar

1.Course’s description: Grammar course Level: pre-intermediate Age: 18-35 Aims: At the end of the course, students will be able to Remember the structure of the Simple present and Simple continuous tense Know how and when will we use them Distinguish the two tenses Requirements: Complete At least 75% weekly assignments, discussion Quizzes and the final … More Teaching Grammar


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